#NoDrama DevOps

By QualiMente

Changing organizations successfully

Organization and process changes are full of challenges. First, the existing structure and process is (probably) a 'stable state' that people are comfortable with and whose very position in 'the machine' reinforces. Even if no one likes the existing state. Second,...

The DevOps Organization Build Trap

I am learning a lot from Melissa Perri's 'Escaping the Build Trap' in my studies of product management. Perri says in chapter 9 'Organizing Your Teams': You can’t build an organizational structure without a product vision, because the value streams are not...

Choose Container Orchestrators Strategically

Deciding which of container orchestrator is right for your organization or team now and in the future is an exercise in strategy. This post will help you develop a strategy aligned to your specific customer needs, technological and organizational assets, desired business state, and other information required to build a good strategy.

What is different about Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a container orchestrator built by a large community of technology vendors and users that was inspired by Google's Borg orchestrator. Kubernetes is operated by everyone from major Cloud providers to you. From the What is Kubernetes page: Kubernetes is a...

Minimum Viable Pumpkin

I’m sharing this story to illustrate how you can frame, approach, and explain all kinds of activities as Agile delivery processes. We decompose problems and their solutions all the time and Agile/Lean is applicable for more than just software — in this case a pumpkin.

About #NoDrama

Learn how to design, build, and operate systems in the Cloud one day and concept at a time.  A few times a week, Stephen Kuenzli will share his thoughts on building robust systems, architecting for and migrating to AWS, and using DevOps and engineering practices to manage complexity and deliver safely.

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