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#NoDrama DevOps

By QualiMente

Building Security Skills for an AWS Cloud Migration

The Security skills needed for a Cloud migration may be in shortest supply and the most difficult to acquire. This post describes resources you can use to build Security skills throughout your engineering team and to integrate your Security Engineers with greater leverage.

The Prime Directive of Retrospectives: Safety

(Reading Time: 1min) Trust, Bernhard Hermant If you feel like you're not getting good participation and feedback in your sprint or project retrospectives, you've got a problem. That problem might be that people don't feel safe in sharing what they really think and...

Why I Design

(Reading Time: 2.5 minutes) I design to avoid waste. Waste in building something: nobody wantscan use effectivelycan afford That is, design is a process that helps maximize the value of systems we create. The design process is also critical to understanding whether we...

About #NoDrama

Learn how to design, build, and operate systems in the Cloud one day and concept at a time.  A few times a week, Stephen Kuenzli will share his thoughts on building robust systems, architecting for and migrating to AWS, and using DevOps and engineering practices to manage complexity and deliver safely.

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