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By QualiMente

Modeling Risk in Cloud Deployments

Information Security risks are those risks "that arise from the loss of confidentiality, integrity, or availability of information or information systems and reflect the potential adverse impacts to organizational operations, organizational assets, individuals, other...

Modeling Security in Cloud Deployments

Cloud deployments often use tagging to describe the context of a compute or resource such as a who owns or what application a virtual machine or object storage bucket belongs to. However, the common resource tagging models in use don't describe the context required...

Assessing and Managing Information Security Risks

Reading Time: 6 minutes The current crop of Best Practice tagging schemes and recommendations don't describe the context required for people or tools to assess security or manage risk easily. But I never explained why risk management is important nor how to assess...

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Learn how to design, build, and operate systems in the Cloud one day and concept at a time.  A few times a week, Stephen Kuenzli will share his thoughts on building robust systems, architecting for and migrating to AWS, and using DevOps and engineering practices to manage complexity and deliver safely.

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