I hope that you and your family are safe and healthy.

COVID-19 is forcing many organizations to change long-standing policies and processes very quickly under great uncertainty.

I’d like to help you navigate through those changes, especially if you support healthcare services.

First, there are resources in the Knowledge Base that you may find helpful under the Strategy and Agile and DevOps topics. In particular, if you need to formalize a process and communication flows ASAP, you may find posts like Improving software delivery processes at the organization level help you do that quickly, even for non-software problems.

Second, if you would like to discuss challenges, brainstorm solutions, or review changes you’re thinking of making with me in a 45-min video 1-on-1 video conference. Schedule that free, no-sales session using:


If those times don’t work or there’s something else I can do for you, please hit reply I’ll try to help.

Helping others

If you’re doing well and looking for a way to help besides staying home, then participating in community driven efforts might be a way.

As an example, Project Open Air is trying to address problems in:

  • the ventilator and face mask supply chains by 3d-printing proven designs
  • information aggregation and analysis

Discussion takes place in the slack team and has grown to +10k members in just a few days. Some of the project proposals should be starting to execute soon (software proposals on GH). They are looking for DevOps/Cloud skills, primarily to support information analysis.