Fireworks by Roven Images
Fireworks by Roven Images

Happy New Year!

Many of you have freshly resolved to be more agile, adopt DevOps, or ramp-up your software delivery improvement efforts.

The NoDrama Agile and DevOps theme page will help you accomplish these resolutions by:

  • building a solid understanding of what DevOps is, why it works, and the value it provides (spoiler: DevOps is not a tool)
  • learning what a change delivery pipeline is and how to implement or update your delivery process with modern continuous integration and delivery practices — including infrastructure code, containers, and serverless (next week!)
  • gathering and incorporating feedback to improve customer satisfaction and your delivery team dynamics

You can use this resource to immerse in these topics quickly and return throughout the year as you and your team improve.

My top suggestion for succeeding with your resolution is to establish a frequently occurring feedback loop for you and your team to review progress and determine the next step. Say weekly. Feedback is a beautiful thing.

Good luck! Reach out to me with questions and challenges on your journey – I’d love to help.



p.s. Welcome Hacker News readers! I’ve been reading HN since at least 2008 and Slashdot well before that. I’m glad you’re here 🙂