#NoDrama DevOps now has over 100 posts covering Cloud, DevOps, Security, Automation, AWS, and more. Cloud Security and Containers are two of the main themes I’ve written about this year.

I’ve curated a guide to each of these themes in a new ‘Knowledge Base’ section of the website. These guides should help you find the most important posts, learn about these topics easily, and share with others.

The guide to Cloud Security covers:

  • how to learn about the space
  • perspective on why security is hard, particularly identity and access management
  • my IAM ‘Debugging Rules’
  • critical cloud architecture patterns
  • delivering data and secrets securely

The guide to Containers covers:

  • what application containers are and the problems they solve
  • continuous integration of container images
  • running containers more securely and in an operationally friendly way
  • the concept and principles of container orchestration
  • a series comparing container orchestrators: Swarm, ECS, Kubernetes
  • how to choose the container orchestrator that is right for you

I hope you find these guides helpful whether you’re new to the mailing list, want to fill in some blanks or revisit a topic, or would like a starting point from which you or someone else can read ‘in order’. I will update these guides as we go.

I plan to publish a couple more guides on Strategy and DevOps delivery practices next week.

Have a great weekend!