Spidey sense

I’ve completed the first pass of analysis and 80% of the write-up for the Secret Delivery Process and Usage Research data and something interesting popped-up.

There might be a relationship between an easy to measure factor that I’ll leave unnamed and Risk to your secrets.

I could use a bit more data to strengthen conclusions from an 80% confidence level to 95% or maybe more.

If you have 8 minutes, I’d appreciate it if you complete the questionnaire at:


Here’s the excerpt from the analysis so that you have a taste of the conclusion I’m trying to strengthen:

In addition to the graphical plot and interpretation, a statistical analysis was performed on this data. There may be a positive association between ‘REDACTED’ and risk. This association is statistically valid at an 80% confidence level, but not 95%. See Appendix for details of the statistical analysis.

How to use this information: If REDACTED, your Spidey-sense should start to tingle. Probe into the risk around REDACTED. Important risks may be lurking just around the corner.