I think Wardley Mapping is a fascinating and effective way to describe a system and develop a strategy to evolve it.

Wardley Mapping has a growing community of practice with many ways to learn and participate.

Here are the ones I know about (and I’d love to hear about more):


Simon Wardley’s

The Leading Edge Forum’s (LEF); note Simon works with LEF

Other Practitioners



Map Camp “is now a series of events including workshops and talks about mapping techniques used in organisations.” The next one is at DevOpsDays Atlanta. I’ll be there and would love to discuss mapping, systems, transformation, and DevOps with you.


A number of DevOps/Agile/Strategy/Hacker meetups discuss Wardley Mapping (Google), Cynefin, and other techniques for understanding and changing systems.

Here’s a teaser of content from the community.wardleymaps.com forum, from Chris Daniel of Leading Edge Forum on Cynefin vs Wardley Maps – a Subjective Point of View:

Cynefin operates in completely different space than mapping. Mapping is all about components (which are incarnation of capital), and Cynefin is about understanding the right approach.