#NoDrama DevOps

By QualiMente

DevOps interview questions: Organizational Maturity

What questions should engineers ask in a DevOps interview to understand the organization's DevOps maturity? These questions should not be about specific tools and platforms. They should be about people, processes, how we get work done, and how we collaborate. This...

Video: Secure an S3 Bucket

Last week I presented 'Secure an S3 Bucket (and still use it)' at the Phoenix DevOps meetup. I'm trying to help people understand why and how to protect every S3 bucket with data that needs to remain confidential. We hosted the meetup using Zoom. Attendee...

Guide to Tagging Cloud Deployments

Resource tagging is the primary context communication method in the Cloud but many organizations struggle to define the terms and a model to describe and analyze their Cloud deployments. The k9 Security guide to tagging cloud deployments will help you define your tagging standard and explain why it’s important.

Help with big changes

I hope that you and your family are safe and healthy. COVID-19 is forcing many organizations to change long-standing policies and processes very quickly under great uncertainty. I'd like to help you navigate through those changes, especially if you support healthcare...

About #NoDrama

Learn how to design, build, and operate systems in the Cloud one day and concept at a time.  A few times a week, Stephen Kuenzli will share his thoughts on building robust systems, architecting for and migrating to AWS, and using DevOps and engineering practices to manage complexity and deliver safely.

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